A comment on Talk: David Pogue on the music wars

3 days ago: Though I do agree that our music industry has gone down hill a little bit throughout the course of the years and that piracy and downloads are a problem, I don't think that it is enough to make a large deal out of. Most musicians are not paid as much as they would have been a decade ago even though they are just as talented as artists paid twice as much as they are. But the reality of it is that I agree with the new downloads. Music is supposed to be a way to show and spread an emotion, not a way to become rich and famous. Most artists should be okay with spreading their message because their songs will touch thousands, and maybe millions of people. I don't think artists realize how much their words may impact a lot of people. If you want to be rich and famous then you should go into the acting industry, but if you want to spread music and make the world a better place then you should be okay with the fact that you won't be paid as much as you deserve.

A comment on Talk: Gustavo Dudamel leads El Sistema's top youth orchestra

May 3 2010: Wow, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I am basically at a loss for words. I find it amazing that all of this was put together so perfectly. I can barely comprehend the time and effort it takes for a group of people to play such pristine music in perfect harmony like this. I also find it breathtaking that all of these people were united through this music. these children were given a very significant talent and all worked together amazingly well to succeed in spreading their music and passion to people everywhere. Music like this needs to be heard all over the world to show how far a group of people, no matter the age, race, or country the grew up in, can be influenced and influence others with music. It is a spectacular gift to put your heart and souls into music, and these kids went to the next level and shared themselves and their passions with the world.

A comment on Talk: Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity

May 3 2010: This video was very amazing and really showed how much of an impact music has on everyone. It can make an unfortunate schizophrenic sane as said in this video and at the same time inspire hundreds of people. Even as I just read these comments it is apparent to me that this video not only showed the impact a violin lesson had on a brilliant mind, but also made everyone who saw this video smile and feel the passion that music gives off. Those of us that fit the social and cognitive norm look to music as entertainment but also as a way to vent or portray our emotions of that day. It amazes me to see that music can also impact those of us who are not in the normal state of mind as well as those of us that are. Music is a truly fascinating entity. The violin performance Robert Gupta put in was amazing and really lifted my spirit today, and thank him for that.

A comment on Talk: Benjamin Zander on music and passion

Apr 29 2010: This talk was absolutely phenomenal and truly moving. I live my life with music and this has enhanced my life for the better. My appreciation for classical music has gone up so much with this. I especially loved what Zander was saying about making music a single unit rather than a jumble of a bunch of different phrases and notes. It's ideas and people like this that make music as beautiful and impacting as it is. Music in and of itself makes life truly beautiful and this is especially true of classical music. It can make you cry as it is played and then completely content with life after the song is over, and Zander is the one that made me believe this with this talk, thank you.

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