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Before I begin, I would say that stereotypes make some people vexed or angry... But from my perpersctive it depends what kind of stereotypes are disscussed. In this text, I'll try to talk about not very offensives stereotypes.

So, firstly, I would talk about black people in America. When I think of them, I imagine directly little girls who are playing jump rope, with chewing-gums in their mouth, colorful clothes like tee-shirt, shorts and big shoes !


Next to these girls, I imagine rap and r'n'b artists who are dancing on hip hop music with a big radio next to them ! They are wearing large clothes, like baggies, tracksuits, tee-shirts with big inscriptions and a glitter cap !




















Secondly, I would talk about the perfect families who live in suburbs, like in the TV-series  "Desperate Housewives". Each member of this family is perfectly hairdressed, and their religion is protestant. The mother is a housewive and she is always smiling. The father is overworked, he's wearing a suit and he have a beautiful and big car. He is a macho, often angry  and stressed. These parents have two to four childrens, they go to school with a yellow bus and they have good marks. But, this kind of family are not so perfect, because each family have problems, and if all look perfect, it's borring, so they can't be really happy.







Firstly, I know a stereotype about asiatic girls who live in America : all of them live in Chinatown, they are kind off manga, they have strange hairdresses, they like wearing pink or blue clothes, a lot of accessories ...













About the men, I can just say they spend a lot of time on a computer, and they love informatic.









That's all ! What do you think about these stereotypes ?

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