Presentation Proposal: The Six Purposes of Secondary Education

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Mr Graham W. Hendrey

Founder & Director of a Private Language School.

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Native Speakers Academy

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Teachers & Student Teachers

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A review of the The Six Purposes of Education as suggested by Alexander Inglis.

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The purpose of this presentation is to summarize the foundational reasoning of our modern western education system and its practical application in society as outlined by Alexander James Inglis (1879–1924), who was Assistant to The Professor of Education at Harvard University, in his classic work 'Principles of Secondary Education' which was published in 1918, and correspondingly to highlight how relevant today his vision of education's purpose still is.


This is an extension of ideas brought to light by John Taylor Gatto 

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Thanks for this--I just downloaded the pdf of the book.  I"m guessing that this plays into the progressive era views of this age.  Will also look up what Gatto had to say! 

Here is a short cut to understanding the information:

John Taylor Gatto - The Purpose of Schooling

It is only a short video so i recommend it if you have only 5 free minutes.

Keep up the great work.


PS: The book is a tough read but try to think between the lines.

I had JTG on my interview series ( a few years back before his stroke (?).  He was fascinating.

Thank you very much for your invitation to speak/present at your event. Since I presented my proposals my situation has changed and I unfortunately have to withdraw my proposal to present. I was very much looking forward to your event and so I apologize if this creates any problems for the organizers.

Here you can find a short distillation of the ideas i wished to include in my presentation.

The Six Functions of Secondary Education:

I have sent a more detailed e-mail to the organisers to inform them of this situation. All apologies and i wish you a successful event with many participants.

Darn, I'm REALLY sorry we're going to miss this.  If there's something I can do to be creative or help you, let me know.  Was it time-slot related, and would finding another time for you help?




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