Presentation Proposal: The Case for The Abolition of Tests in High Schools

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Mr Graham W. Hendrey

Founder & Director of a Private Language School.

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Native Speakers Academy

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Teachers & Student Teachers

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A closer look at some practical reasons why testing students has little true value in our modern culture.

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The physical, spiritual and psychological wars inherent in modern society would not be possible without a docile and stagnant general public. This is achieved by means of a scientifically managed system of schooling that trains people, from as early an age as possible, in conformity and obedience, and punishes individuality and constructive creativity. Devoid of any real life experience and personal responsibility the students lose their personal identity as the values of the state education institution are forced on tomorrows generation. The most fundamental and absolutely essential element of this meaningless form of psychological child abuse is the incessant classroom test.

So, let's breakdown the real effects of tests on students, teachers and school.

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Thank you very much for your invitation to speak/present at your event. Since I presented my proposals my situation has changed and I unfortunately have to withdraw my proposal to present. I was very much looking forward to your event and so I apologize if this creates any problems for the organizers.

Here you can find a short distillation of the ideas i wished to include in my presentation.

The Case for The Abolition of Tests in High Schools:

I have sent a more detailed e-mail to the organisers to inform them of this situation. All apologies and i wish you a successful event with many participants.

I am very interested in this topic.  Have been against any kind of testing for children: classroom, learning 'deficiencies', psychological testing... The tests are facile and the results ridiculous.  And then the effects are long lasting, affecting the individual, all of society and the earth.  The picture conjured up is of the mushroom over Hiroshima.

Sorry you won't be there.  Please send me your paper and any other links, books, resources to


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