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Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S., Educational Therapist

co-author Discover Your Child's Learning Style

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Ventura, CA, USA

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Parents and Teachers

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Every "learning disability" is really a learning style - find out how to meet these legitimate learning needs!

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In this workshop, we will cover

1. definitions and explanations of learning problems and disabilities, such as Dyslexia, ADD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Language Disorders, etc.

2. common terms like average, slow, and gifted

3. the specific learning styles that underlie these labels

For example, people labeled dyslexic are non-print learners and are usually very strong picture or hands-on learners. ADD (normally known as Attention Deficit Disorder) describes Thinking/Creating or Inventing people who focus their Attention on Dreams & Discoveries.

Instead of labeling for dysfunction, you will learn that all students are truly gifted and how to use learning styles to bring out the genius in every student.

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Thanks so much for submitting to present!  We have a non-commercial policy, and ask that all commercial organizations that are presenting actually be sponsors of the conference (it's the only way we support the conference!).  We do give latitude to book authors, but seems like this goes a bit beyond that.  

I'll email you and let's figure this out.  Thanks!


Thank you, Steve!


A Learning Revolution Project

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