I'm interested in what routines young people have established with regard to using the Internet.

At some point in your routine, you go to Students2.0. Where do you go before you go here? Where do you go afterward? Is there a rhyme or reason to your routine?

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Wow! Do students even visit this site?
Once students get online, where do they go and for what purpose?
Hey Sam... since a lot of the kids on here are mine.. I'll share this.. it's summer now - we got out May 21.
It's cool some are still coming on.. I see Maddie joined a group yesterday. I know they have big plans for using this next year..

I'd say most (of mine) use their phones... texting friends, checking out anything they need to know via google apps, most visit facebook daily.. adding pics... looking at pics, etc. When we join up with other countries... they end up glued to our ning site. Almost 24/7, the intrigue of a new culture. They're always sharing some cool sites they have found.. live mocha being one - so I know they surf good learning places as well.

danah boyd is the guru for your question. Here's a great link, danah's videos, etc are embedded in it.

I know you were looking for a student to answer. :)
Mostly facebook and social networking.
I personally came from my e-mail. Anyway I find most of my friends
And my brothers spend most of thier online time on facebook. I would
also suggest they play video games online too. I personally like watch
YouTube videos over tv at the moment.

I hope this helps


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