Before we really launch this network, I"m hoping will brainstorm some ways that a network like this could be very helpful to students.  Please chime in!

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I started a PBWorks - nothing there but an introduction. As Steve stated, we can offer this to students and wait and see.

Another thought - there has been some discourse about students not having time for this. Students (and teachers) find time for their passions.
Are we looking for a particular demographic in our student?
Are we imagining our students in a broad sense, or a narrow sense (boys and girls in grades 7-12)?
ok... here's my latest latest...

maybe two groups we leave on the site:


help -
members are jackie, jenny and steve


i don't know what to do -
members are?
with lists of:
a) suggested sessions - the list of classes jenny has planned - you are right guys - most kids will want this
b) suggested adults (and some young people) to follow in regard to each topic - this list - after everyone pitches in or redoes it all together
c) suggested ideas - extra curricular activities, etc,...


like i said - we're on break... but i've talked to some kids that are ready to get going next week.
one girl wants to head up a group on how to prep for college - scholarships and apps. she and several other seniors want to alleviate stress of their underclassmen, and have planned to do something like it at our school. she's very excited to do it on a bigger scale. she said it will help more underclassmen and they will gain more insight from other seniors. cool.

i also am working closely with a prof from csu, he is going to encourage his classes (pre teachers) to join and see what they think, how they might help, or be helped.


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