Students are encouraged to explore passionate interests on Students2.0.
Many students become impassioned around extracurriculars.
How could students benefit from using a platform such as this?

Just brainstorming here....

  • Support students in how to organize a club and fund club activities.
  • Offer virtual clubs.
  • Provide links to local, regional, nationally recognized extracurricular organizations
What about some of the passions?

Do you see chess tutorials? Runners reporting their mileage and support others in a runners' club? Grant writing? Virtual yearbooks? Class Presidents council forums? What about how to get elected to student council?

Are there other applications besides discussion, forum, comments, text box, and RSS Reader? What other features may empower a group such as this?

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When you said "virtual clubs" it reminded me. There is a lot of them all very much focused on extracurricular activity. I refer you to the TED talk by Jane McGonigal. Virtual clubs in video games is what I'm talking about, I personally lead one with 200+ members. Jane says we need to find a use for these people, I'm starting to think students 2.0 could benefit.

I cant put my finger on it just yet, but I feel like I'm almost there. If we need leaders we can find them on these online games, and we can use their ability to motivate and organize others for the benefit of students 2.0... just helping with the brainstorm i hope...


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