Hi! I've never seen Edmoto before but Tuesday's night's backchat during the Blackboard session was glowing about it.  I signed up and now have two questions:


1.  What's the code for the Edmoto Digifoot group if there is one?

2.  Anyone want to elaborate on how they are using it in their classroom?

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Hi Kathleen - The code is: s2u5sd

We use it for everything - sending messages to students, creating schedules, you can put quizzes in it, worksheets, videos, links anything...Parents can sign in if you(they) want...It's like a mini version of facebok, just for learning environments...

Verena :)

Are you able to use it with elementary students also? Parental opt-out or buy in?


Yes, it's a great tool for Elementary students. (reading ability required) - However parents could use it as well for k-2. Many schools have parent evenings to go over how to use it, why it is used etc. So far so good. It is nice as it scaffolds into social media options - when everyone is ready. It has no twitter, facebook  add-ons etc, but it "looks" like other social media tools. Very user friendly!

Hello katty,

Did you know about the Edmodo on line free conference? 

“Wednesday, August 8th, 2012, educators from across the globe will gather on the web to showcase the creative ways they are using Edmodo and other digital tools in the classroom.”



Ohhh!  I'll try to get to that! 


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