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Starting to Homeschool Webinar Series

"Starting to Homeschool" is a series of six Webinars for those interested in starting the journey to homeschooling, or just learning more about homeschooling. The Webinars are held using Google Hangouts on Air, and shouldn't require any special software. Each Webinar will be a half-hour presentation by Patrick Farenga, followed by a half hour of questions and answers with attendees. Each is free to attend live and to watch in recorded form for the next 24 hours.

  • Are you wondering if homeschooling can work for you?
  • Do you know that you don’t need to be a certified teacher in any state in order to help your children learn at home and in your community?
  • Are you seeking personalized, bold education options that build on your children’s strengths rather than conventional curricula?

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The second annual Homeschool+ Conference was August 4th - 8th, 2014. This annual online and free event provides an opportunity to share strategies, practices, and resources for those who are involved with homeschooling, unschooling, free schools, democratic schools, and other forms of alternative, independent, and non-traditional education. 

To attend future conferences, to be kept informed of the latest conference news and updates, and/or to submit to present, please 
join this network! The conference welcome letter is here. Recordings from this year's event are here.

As a part of the conference this year, we're also holding a "virtual" Alternative Education Film Festival (the "Alt Ed Film Fest"): seven films that are available online during the month of August, with live director interviews as well (listed in the conference schedule for your convenience). More information here.


2014 Keynote Speakers



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Conference Kudos

Awesome that truly student centered learning in place of the one size fits all attitude is available to a global audience in a user friendly format!
-Kirk Cunningham

This has been a fantastic inspiration for the start of our charter / homeschooling year. I really appreciate all the input, the "social" aspect of this event, and the opportunity to use technology to connect with people all over the world. Thanks so much for putting this together!
-Redwood Gal

Once again, Steve put together an amazing conference with individuals who are challenging the status quo, asking relevant questions, and offering transformative education solutions.
-Debbie Vane

The conference is absolutely brilliant and a first for me in this setting. I am very enthusiastic about it's potential and keen to contribute as a presenter next year.
-Casper Pieters

Wonderful opportunity to interact with people from around the world and learn more and more about home-schooling as well as learning as a process!
-Ashita Kaul

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